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Saturday, March 27, 2010, 13:34
Amsterdam at the moment, working in the Media City project at NIMk, thought i'd take a few minutes for some updates here:

A lot of stuff happened since the SuicideMachine's release, busy times indeed. The project recently got nominated for the 'Digital Communities' [sic!] award in the Ars Electronica festival, we're preparing a publication and open source release, and there's numerous talks and exhibitions of the work coming up, so watch out for that.

Last month (feb) there was the Gamezone festival in Antwerp, courtesy of Villanella, where i organised part of the exhibition related to videogame art. Some shots of that are here, and many thanks to all the artists who participated!

We'll have some new additions to the work in our exhibition space in Vienna, that's here, where now still an 'offline' exhib model of the SuicideMachine is presented - next week we'll add the great Mobile Broadcasting Unit by the VIE branch of the Graffiti Research Lab - and surely we'll take it out for a spin or two in month's ahead...
Also on June 8th we'll be opening a new show with, among others, a new site-specific work by Damian Stewart, possibly a small workshop and tunes by Robotcowboy!

In Rotterdam there's two 'FOO_bar's' coming up; one focussing on live performance and dance combined with realtime audiovisual's, where our current Artist in Residence Marie-Hélène Parant will show her work EXTASE, and there'll be some talk/discussion and several other works on show - that's April 18th at WORM.
The next one will be on May 7th, and will feature the amazing Duracell, Perrine Bailleux, AiR Philip Lammer and a grrl oriented workshop by Stefanie Wuschitz + more!

On May 1st the exhibition 'CECI N'EST PAS UN CASINO' will open at Casino Luxembourg, where i'm showing nOtbOt.
Other confirmed exhibitions later this year include new site-specific work at the Melkweg, a new iteration/derivate of nOtbOt in a show at NIMk, and a larger exhibition showcasing moddr_ + side-programming at iMAL in Brussels...

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