new host, new bot, new job, new ... 
Monday, October 6, 2008, 20:08
i recently switched hosting providers on a diy whim, this site now lives on a serf provided by the wonderful - if you experienced trouble contacting me in the last few days it was because of the move, so shoot again..

a new version of nOtbOt will be presented at WORM as a new work by WORM T. Schippers in the 'Exposé Varié' exhibition [which is actually an ode to the work of dutch artist Wim T. Schippers]

also landed a new job at my favourite dutch academy, the AKI. I'm teaching a minor on art in public space, with a more specific focus on the blending between virtual and physical realms in this. The academy had to deal with many structural re-organisations lately, which also led to a new naming scheme for all the departments >> I'lll be working mainly in the 'autonomous3D' department, how cool is that ;)

last update here is that i got nominated for a very nice two month residency at Hangar in Barcelona...
despite being crazy busy the coming time i so hope to get this, so more soon!

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