coming up 
Monday, November 6, 2006, 14:57
here's some links to stuff i'm doing in the next few weeks:

this thursday is the launch and lecture night about Ad!dict's latest research theme and Inspirationbook #26 issue GAMING, in which some of my work is featured. The night will be hosted by
SMCS on 11 in Amsterdam.

Then i'll be at the CROSS MEDIA & ALTERNATE REALITY GAMING WORKSHOP, hosted by Cargo New Media Space in Oostende (B), for two weekends in november/december.

Late november/ early december i'm in Brussels again for the ART+GAME workshop at IMAL, which will be led by Julian Oliver.
From the 1st till 5th of december there's also an ART+GAME exhibition at IMAL, in which i'll be showing a new/old work called 'q3a_social_ladder'. An update on this'll be available shortly...

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